Terms & Conditions

(Please carefully read all of them to ensure you’re able to meet the requirements):

  • This Seva is available only for male members. Volunteers will have to stay for nine days and a batch of maximum three members will be allowed
  • Registration is compulsory. No volunteer will be allowed to participate without registration. You can choose any 9 days as per the available dates. In case of high demand & capacity being full, your form will be put on waiting list. In case of cancellations we will reach out to you with confirmation
  • Advance intimation is compulsory in case you are not able to join the last moment due to unforeseen circumstances which would help us to give other volunteers a chance to do Seva
  • Members joining will have to make their own travel arrangements to reach and return from Girnar. Request all the volunteers to travel with least possible baggage. Management will not be responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings
  • All attending volunteers should reach Girnar one day before the start of the registration date. Their accommodation will be arranged at Girnar Darashan Dharamshala
  • Rai & Devasi Pratikraman will be compulsory for all the attending volunteers during this Sadhana. Ekasana Tap is mandatory during the Sadhana.
  • Food & accommodation arrangements will be organized at Sahasavan itself by Sahasavan Samiti Trust
  • Members have to strictly follow the rules & regulations of Sahasavan Samiti Trust compulsorily. The management reserves the right to change the rules at any point of time without prior notice & the same has to be honored by all the members.
  • Volunteers are expected to perform Sparshna, Darshan, Pooja and Pratikraman.
I agree to the Terms and Conditions