Acharya Hemvallabh Suri MS today (Jeth Sud 3) completes 32 years of sainthood.

May 25, 2020
Directly from Heart

On this day, he took Diksha under the Nisra of PP Panyas Chandrashekhar Vijayji MS and as a disciple of Muni Dharmarakshit Suri MS.

His life has been a message of what it means to be a selfless disciple of one's Guru.

His heart is filled with devotion towards Neminath Bhagwan, compassion for everyone, selfless service for Girnar and surrender towards his Guru.

It's almost impossible to list down all the virtues he possesses. But if we were to pen down a few, those would be :

  • Following the life of a saint with perfection and precision: Samyak Charitra । सम्यक चारित्र
  • Having compassion for all living beings (even those who would have committed the gravest sins): Karuna । करुणा
  • Selfess service to his Guru: Guru Vyavach । गुरु व्यावच
  • Remarkable humility in his life: Vinay । विनय
  • Strict obedience of the wishes of his Guru: Guru Samarpan । गुरु समर्पण
  • Simplicity in his conduct, words and actions: Saraltha । सरलता
  • Equanimity in difficult and good times: Samatha । समता
  • Pure devotion towards Neminath Bhagwan. He has done more than 3070 Girnar Yatra: Bhakthi । भक्ति
  • Life full of penance where he has taken the arduous life long pledge of Ayambil Tap. He has done more than 1500 Upwas and more than 9500 Ayambil । तप
  • Deep sense of tolerance : Sahansheelta । सहनशीलता

Today we bow to this remarkable soul and feel deeply grateful to Neminath Bhagwan for giving Saheb's in our lives. It's through him, we see what it means to live a life mild of Raag and Dvesh and what it means to live a life of compassion, devotion and surrender.