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Girnar is that divine place where next 24 Tirthankaras are going to attain Moksh and where infinite souls have attained salvation. Sahsavan is the heart of Girnarji!

Sahasavan is the place of Lord Neminath's Diksha and Kevalgnan Kalyanak i.e. this is where he renounced the world for leading an ascetic life and this is also the place where he became enlightened. Sahsavan is the holy place where one can still feel the overwhelming fragrance of Dada’s vows of renunciation (Diksha). At this same place, Dada attained Kevalgyaan.
This powerful place, still has the vibes of Dada’s presence and you can truly feel them when you connect with the place with true devotion.

During Dhyan Sadhana at this powerful Bhumi of Girnar Mahatirth, you will be getting a chance to stay for 9 days in Kalyanak bhumi and take home endless powerful experiences of the Navkar Maha – Mantra.

Come, see the miracles,

See how blessed you are;

Jai Neminath Dada!

Jay Jay Garvo Girnar, Jay Jay Garvo Girnar

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