Guru Poornima

July 16, 2019
Nem-Hem Samvaad

It is often said that one finds a Guru after a true longing and yearning for him. My story is also something similar. Around 5 years ago, the only thing I wished for when I went to temple was to find a true Guru. A Guru to whom I can open my heart. I had an intense craving for an embodied guru but did not know how and where to get one. Every time I prayed to God, I felt that I cant talk to God but please give me someone who can give answer to my questions, who can guide me on the right path, who can help me to increase my virtues and reduce my vices.

One Day my prayers were answered. Through divine grace, I found my self in Girnar and had the first glimpse of my Guru – Acharya Hemvallabh Suriswarji MS. I experienced an unusual flow of energy – a soul-to-soul connection, one of the most vivifying and significant moments of my life. I felt as though my soul has surrendered to his feet and if he asked my life at that moment, I would give it in a blink.

Even today when I recollect about my Guru – a person with profound inner cohesion. He is so calm, settled and rooted. His mind so consistent and heart so dependable. He is so kind and cheerful. He possesses infinite virtues: humility, compassion, restraint, reticence, tolerance, respect. He radiates a sort of moral joy which was indescribable. I realized that he did not live a conflict free tranquil life but one that was filled with friendship and compassion with every person he met.

I bow to him on this day of Guru Poornima and seek his blessings. I pray to God that on this day, I get at least one virtue of my Guru which will make my life worth living.