Girnar is that divine places where next 24 Tirthankaras are going to attain Moksh and where infinite souls have attained salvation.

Girnar is the place from where Neminath Dada took Diksha and attained Kevalgyan & Niravana. It is said that just meditating while keeping Girnar in mind, can give you Moksh in your fourth birth.

Girnar also known as the fifth peak of Shatrunjay Giriraj. The idol of 22nd Tirthankara, Neminath Bhagwan is magnificent, just a glance of the idol makes your soul peaceful. 99 yatra of Girnarji is a way towards your salvation.

Akhand Ayambil Aradhana
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9 स्वस्तिक, नेवेध्य, फल9 खमासमणा (गिरनार के दोहों के साथ)श्री रैवतगिरी तीर्थ आराधनार्थ काउसग्ग करूं ? इच्छं….(9 लोगस्सा का काउसग्ग)20 माला “ॐ र्ही श्री नेमिनाथय नम:”सुबह – शाम का प्रतिक्रमण अनुकूलता अनुसारपुरे दिन अधिक से अधिक लोगो को इस आराधना से जोड़ कर गिरनार भक्ति करे
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Sahasavan Tirth Seva
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Sahasavan is the place of Neminath Dada's Diksha and Kevalgnan Kalyanak i.e. this is where he renounced the world for leading an ascetic life and this is also the place where he became enlightened. Sahasavan is the holy place where one can still feel the overwhelming fragrance of Dada’s vows of renunciation (Diksha). At this same place, Dada attained Kevalgyaan. 
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