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Dhar Shravak

Many groups have tried to stake their claim to the ownership of the great shrine of Girnar. This is one such instance describing the martyrs of that time, who sacrificed their lives for the cause of devotion to this shrine.

There lived a follower of Jain religion named Dhar in the village of Dhamanuli. As a result of his pious deeds in previous lives, he had built righteous merit which was instrumental in bestowing on him copious amount of wealth in his current life. Once, trader Dhar went on a pilgrimage to the great shrine of Girnar along with his five sons and members of the Jain community in order to utilize his wealth in religious and charitable activities. En route, they carried out several charitable activities that enhanced the glory of Jain religion. They arrived at the foothills of Mount Girnar and set up their tents at the base.

The entire group was looking forward to seeing and worshipping the 22nd Tirthankar, Lord Neminath, Trader Dhar was filled with joy but that was meant to be short lived. As Dhar’s group, who were Shwetambars, attempted to ascend the mountains, they were prevented by the king of another group who were staunch followers of the Digambar sect. At that time, the army of the Digambar King launched their warfare and soon a battle ensued between the two sects. During the battle, their infinite allegiance and devotion to Lord Neminath inspired the five sons of trader Dhar to fight with unparalleled vigor and passion. Even as they defeated several enemy soldiers, the five sons of trader Dhar courted death and died as martyrs owing to their intense love for the shrine. As a result of their ceaseless devotion to the shrine of Girnar until their last breaths, in their next incarnation, they were born as the presiding deities of that place and were called
1) Kalmegh 2) Meghnad 3) Bhairav 4) Ekpad and 5) Trailokyapad. Losing their lives to the cause of protecting the shrine, did not mean they were defeated. The five sons triumphed by conquering one each of the five peaks of Girnar and were accorded the winning crown of being the presiding deities of the shrine.


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