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There was a pleasant and peaceful village called Sugram on the glorious land of Bharat Kshetra. There lived a brahmin who performed various types of yajnas. Several other brahmins also performed various yajnas but this brahmin was renowned for performing the gomedh yajna and thus was called Gomedh Brahmin. Various animals were sacrificed in order to perform a yajna. People blindly believed that it would spiritually benefit them on conducting such butchery yajnas. Gomedh Brahmin was a means in the killing of many innocent animals for the purpose of this yajna. He built a lot of bad karma, as a result of which his wife and sons passed away. Gomedh Brahmin went into a depression phase as he was left lonely without his wife and sons. Later on in life he started suffering from leprosy. His relatives did not take care of him in his ill condition and ridiculed him for being a leper and mercilessly showed him the way out of their house. He suffered a lot because of his disease and had no mental or physical support to lessen his pain. Leprosy led to the birth of various worms in his body and he literally suffered the pain of hell in spite of living in the Bharat Kshetra. His body emitted a pungent foul smell as he had worms wriggling all over his body and that the disease led to the discharge of pus and other such matter which aggravated the repugnant smell. The unhygienic state of the body attracted flies and other such insects, which exacerbated his pain. Unable to bear the burning sensation in his body he lamented and begged for death to come soon.

The fruits of good deeds done in the past do take time to ripen, but they do ripen without fail. The good deeds done by him in his previous life resulted in him witnessing a Jain monk who was passing by. The kind and compassionate Jain Monk saw Gomedh Brahmin in his miserable state. With concern in his heart he said, “O fortunate brother! You were under the influence of a fallacious master as a result of which you killed various innocent animals under the pretense that you were doing something spiritual or religious. This anguish and pain that you are going through is the result that has sprouted from the bad deeds done by you. The fruits of your bad deeds will surface in your births to come and the pain that you are presently suffering from is a subdued glimpse of what you may suffer in hell. If you are tired of these pains and sufferings and do not wish to suffer a severe degree of such pain in your forthcoming births, then you do have a choice to change your destiny, it is not too late! You may start understanding and practicing the principles of Jainism that have been preached by the Tirthankaras, who themselves are an ocean of compassion, a storehouse of kindness and live and preach in way that every ounce of their existence radiates peace, austerity and non-violence towards all living beings. They are the ones who have completely overcome their aversions and attachments. You have been an instrument in hard-heartedly killing plenty innocent animals. It is time you repent upon your committed sins and ask for forgiveness. You can destroy your bad karmas by chanting Lord Neminath’s name and devotionally offering prayers to the ultimately pious and holy mountain, Girnar that has been worshipped by several celestial beings and is the place where uncountable Tirthankaras have attained salvation, as a result of which all your bad karmas will go away.”

On hearing the words of the compassionate Jain monk, who was unconditional in giving the righteous advice, Gomedh Brahmin put the advice into action. By chanting Lord Neminath’s name and with the pious mountain, Girnar in his heart and thoughts he felt as though he was immersed in an ocean of peace and composure. He passed away in this very condition and while he was dying – all he thought about was the pious mountain, Girnar and the religion preached by the Jain Tirthankaras. This resulted in him being reborn as a leader of many celestial beings called Yakshas. Only by listening to the sacred words of the Jain Monk, Gomedh Brahmin’s soul, which was reborn as Gomedh Yaksha, gained many powers with which he had three faces with which he could devotional sing songs for the Lord. He was gifted with 6 hands with which he could do a lot of work for the Jain Sangha. The three hands on the left side of his body were used to carry the Shakti, Shul (spear) and Nakul (mongoose) and the other three hands on the right side of his body were used to carry the chakra (sharp edge disc), Parshu (axe) and Bijora (citron fruit). He wore a sacred thread and had a human being as his vehicle. Just like Ambika Devi, he travelled to the glorious and pious mountain, Girnar, in his celestial airplane along with his fellow attendants. Filled with gratitude, he devotionally worshipped Lord Neminath and recalled the blessings that were showered on him by merely chanting Lord Neminath’s name. At this point, Lord Indra acknowledged him as a devout devotee of Lord Neminath and established him as the protector of the pious mountain, Girnar.


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