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Following is the list of Shwetambar Dharmashalas in Junagadh.


1. Girnar Darshan Dharamshala

Add.:: Minraj School Ni Same, Rupayatan Road, Junagadh 0285 -2657099/99 // 94096 85999

2. Kuchii Bhavan

Add. :: Rupayatan Road, Bhavnath Road, Junagadh 0285 - 2655360

3. Nemijin Dharamshala

Add.:: Taleti Pase, Taleti Road, Junagadh 0285 - 2620251

4. Digambar Jain Dharamshala(Nirmal Sagar)

Add. :: Rupayatan Road, Kachibhavan Pase, Junagadh 0285-2627108

5. Rajendra Bhavan

Add. :: Bharti Aasram Pase, Bhavnath Taleti Road, Junagadh 0285-2622259

6. Kantaba Sankul

Taleti Pase, Taleti Road, Junagadh 79727 84299

7. Shri Neminji Yatrik Bhavan

Girnar Taleti, Girnar, Junagadh 0285-2620251

8. Shethshri Devchand Laksmichand Taleti Pedhi

Girnar Taleti, Opp. Bankilal Digambar Dharmashala, Girnar, Junagadh 0285-2620059

9. Babuno Vando Dharmashala

Uparkot, Jagmal Chowk, Junagadh 0285-2650179

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