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Acharya Himanshusuri Maharaj Saheb

Acharya Himanshusuriji Maharajsaheb was especially involved in the various services of the Jain religious order so that he could relieve himself partly from the indebtedness he owed to the Jain order. Once, during his Yatra to Girnar, he experienced unprecedented joy upon visiting the holy places of Diksha (renunciation) and Kevalgyan (enlightenment) Kalayanaks of the 22nd Tirthankar Lord Neminath. He felt deplored on seeing the declining importance of holy places like Sahasavan at Girnar Tirth.

He contemplated for the upliftment of this site and creation of a place of worship so that significance of the place could be restored and holy foot prints of Lord Neminath could be preserved well. Upon his polite request to the establishment and with great efforts by laymen, upliftment work of Sahasavan began. This work that began under very difficult circumstances is almost accomplished. Today, a magnificent and unique Jain temple resembling the abode of Vaimanik Dev (type of demi-gods) has been created. And four-direction facing idols of Lord Neminath have been installed there which remind us of heavenly pavilion or three tiered circular divine preaching hall/assembly called Samvasaran of Lord Neminath.

This Samvasaran temple also includes delightful idols of Living Lord Neminath (“Living” in this context means that this idol was consecrated during the time of Lord Neminath himself) and his younger brother Rahanemi. Temple also includes idols of 24 Titrthankars of the next cycle and a yellow stone idol of Lord Padmanabh – the first amongst the next 24 Tirthankaras.

A conch cave (called Ratna Mangal Nirvan Gufa) has also been created on the posterior side of this temple which provides conducive environment for meditation as well as Jaap (chanting of Mantra).


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