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Gajpad Kund

Once when Bharat Maharaja got the Pratishta of Neminath Bhagwan performed at the hands of Gandhar Bhagwant, Lord Indra came to Girnar on his Airavat Elephant with great zeal and excitement to see and pray Neminath Bhagwan. Having reached there, in order to provide water for the Pooja of Neminath Bhagwan, at the behest of Lord Indra, Airavat elephant smashed one of his powerful feet down on the ground and created a small crater which is now called as ‘Gajapad Kund’. That kund (pond) is known by 3 names viz. Gajendrapad Kund, Haathi-Pagla Kund and Gajapad Kund. This pond, which attracted bees owing to its divine fragrance, had water from rivers across all the 3 worlds flowing into it.

The fragrance was so exotic and sweet that all other fragrances paled in its comparison. It is believed that the by merely worshipping the Lord with the water of this Kund, on would get the same result that he would otherwise get from doing Darshan, Pooja and Prayer at any other Tirth. Blessed with the purity and divinity of the Tirth and devoid of any frailties, this water is believed to remove all bodily and mental diseases of a person by its mere contact. Other demi-gods who had come on the occasion too created various ponds that were endowed with vivid powers and charms. These demi-gods were so eager to offer their prayers and Pooja to Neminath Bhagwan that it almost seemed like there was a competition going on amongst them. Finally, Saudharmendra (Indra of the 1st DevLok) performed Pooja of Neminath Bhagwan with flowers that were brought from Devlok (paradise) with great devotion. Even Bharat Maharaja, after bathing with the divine water from this Kund, did Pooja of Neminath Bhagwan. Such Gajapad kund, bestowed with great powers, is still present on Girnar mountain.


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