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Kumarpal Maharaja

Once Maharaja Kumarpal and Kalikal Sarvagnya Hemchandra Acharya went on a cha-ri palit sangh (Yatra on foot following 6 principles) to Shatrunjay and Girnar. After a lot of enthusiasm and celebrations, the Sangh reached Girnar foothills. The next day, both of them started their yatra on Girnar. As soon as they stepped on the hill, the mountain began to shake without any reason. Experiencing the unexpected mountain shake, Maharaja Kumarpal asked Acharya bhagwant for the reason of this. To which Acharya Bhagwant replied, ‘’ The rock is hanging like an Umbrella and an old tradition says that if two powerful and meritorious men stand together beneath it, the rock falls down’’.

We both are meritorious men and if the old saying is true, then if both of us were to continue further on this way, it could spell doom for us. And hence O Great King! I will not come further and you should go on your own till the top. But King Kumarpal let Acharya Bhagwant and Sangh continue with the Yatra on the way where the umbrella-like rock stood, while he ordered to build new steps on the route alongside the old fort. The new route got created with a total expenditure of Rs. 63 Lakh. And after that, he did his yatra with great pleasure and bhakti. He also got a new temple built on top of Girnar, which even today is named as Kumarpal Maharaja’s toonk.


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