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Adhishtayak Gods and Goddesses

Many souls have attained the correct path owing to the inconceivable effect of the great shrine of Girnar. Such souls upon becoming celestial beings, work for the upliftment and protection of Girnar in order to partially repay the debt of such benevolence of this shrine. They are striving relentlessly in the important effort to promote this shrine’s glory and make it world famous.

  • On the North West corner of the great shrine of Girnar, the Indra (king of all celestial beings) upholding Lord Neminath on his head, resides in a city named “Indra” to eliminate all dangers.
  • On the Damar gate of the great Girnar shrine, Brahmendra, having become pious through meditation of Lord Neminath, has installed his own idol for the prosperity of the Jain sangh.
  • On the Nandbhadra gate of the great Girnar shrine, the powerful Rudra named Mallinath having become pure hearted through the meditation of Tirthankar Lords, stands as the gatekeeper.
  • On the Bakul gate of the great Girnar shrine is the very powerful diety Vayukumar, who blows away people’s obstacles just like wind would blow away bundles of grass.
  • On the Badri gate of the great Girnar shrine, resides a diety named Badrish who destroys enemies in the form of hurdles, with his weapons.
  • On the Uttarkuru gate, seven mother dieties reside for protection.
  • On the Kedar gate of the great Girnar shrine, stands the Rudra named Kedar, protecting the great Girnar mountain.
  • On the Mahabal gate of the great Girnar shrine, resides the strong diety Balbhadra, who deflects blazing heat through the lotus like feet of the Lord that form an umbrella on his head.

Thus eight celestial beings dwell in eight directions. Just like the Tirthankar Lord is adorned by eight divine accompaniments, these eight celestial beings become eight accompaniments for this shrine and stand ready with their weapons held high to protect it. Having become pious and gentle through devotion to Lord Neminath, infinite celestial beings bear affection towards the devotees coming to this great shrine and fulfill their desires.

  • The mighty diety named Meghnad guards north from main peak.
  • The protector of the West is the diety named Ratnameghnad who grants desired wishes.
  • The diety named Siddhivinayak guards East.
  • The diety named Sinhnad stays in the South.

Due to these four dieties, that peak appears to look as if it is four faced.

  • On every tree as well as every pond, well, reservoir, place, peak of this mountain shrine, there are several celestial beings residing who are perpetually engrossed in the contemplation of Lord Neminath.
  • In the middle of all, just like the main jewel in the center of a lady’s necklace, dwells female diety Ambika, on a high peak, mounted on a lion and fulfilling the wishes of the Jain sangh.
  • To the South of Ambagiri lives the diety Gomedh, who has the power to stop enemies who with all the weapons one can have, are under the heavy influence of war.
  • In the North direction is the female diety Mahajwala, who has pleasant eyes and the ability to remove all obstacles faced by the Jain sangh.

On this mountain shrine, celestial beings reside in many such peaks and caves who are eager towards their service to Tirthankar Lords. Therefore, this mountain appears to be more sublime and divine than the heavens.


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