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In the present Avsarpini, Shri Bharat Chkravarti, son of the first Tirthankar Rushabhdev, organized a sangh to Raivatchal. On the way they stopped at Mount Shatrunjaya, where he arranged to renovate the everlasting Shatrunjaya Tirth. After the renovations had been made, the Sangh traveled towards Girnar, then known as Raivatgiri. Raivatgiri, at that time, was full of various kinds of precious stones like: Rubies, Sapphires, Crystals and metals like Gold. Even in the daytime it sparkled like stars in the sky, a beautiful sight for all who bestowed their eyes upon it. The stream of water flowing over Ravaitgiri’s jewels acted like nectar, keeping the vegetation evergreen. The forest trees looked like paintings embellished by the multicolored jewels, resembling the beauty of dancing peacocks. On this sacred soil, luscious banana and mango trees gave the impression of garlands around Raivatgiri’s mountains. Even at night the herbal medicinal plants, due to their divine brightness, glowed like candle light amidst the darkness of the sky. The variety of trees like: Dolar, Banyan, Ashok, Poplar, Bijora, Deodar, Beda, Borli, Garmalo, Aritha, Bilva, Patanjali, Khakhra, Tamarind, Drumstick, Peepal, etc. made people happy as they gave their abundant shade, fruits, leaves, and flowers.

To this day, Girnar is full of dense forests with herbal medicinal plants, making it attractive and pleasing to all who visit. It is also believed that in the olden days Girnar yielded almost 25 KG of Gold per day, and now yields half to one KG of Gold per day. Various fruit trees like Guava, Mango, Sitafal, Papayas, etc. are found on the lower area of Mount Girnar, while most of the Mango trees are found in Seshavan, Bharatvan and Balavan. Along the path one can see Khakhra, Karanjadi, Peepal and Gular trees, Karandi, Gular, Machkund trees in Mali Parab, and a lot of Pandadi trees while going to Hanuman Dhara. Overall, in Girnar’s forest one can see over 700 species of flower bearing vegetation including: trees, bushes, veins and root bearing plants..

In Bhardrasal and other forests, one can see various types flowers blooming all around the lush landscape throughout the year. Girnar is surrounded by Bhadrasal and other forests that have a lot of water and fruits so attractive that the area becomes a playground for Indras. On the summit of the mountain there are Kalpavruksha trees which fulfill any and all wishes man asks for. It is believed that soil of this sacred and auspicious tirth can be converted into Gold with the assistance & blessings of a Guru and by mixing with oil and ghee and heated on fire.

It is believed that there is not a single secret and divine medicine and Gold converting alchemy which cannot be found in Girnar’s forest. It is laden with rivers, streams, metals and trees that bring happiness to all animals and humans.


Girnar’s forest is abundant in vegetation and definitely suitable for a wide range of forest animals. In Girnar, animals like: Lions, Cheetahs, Deer, Sabars, Monkeys, Chitals, Nilgays and Bears live together without any fear. According to the last census of animals in the year 1995, Girnar had 13 Lions, 16 Cheetahs (which are known to be shrewd, violent and selfish and live on trees, caves, or holes in trees), 7 Deer, 5 Chitals, 94 Sabars, 94 Nilgays and 174 Boars. Other animals like wild cats, monkeys, jackals, foxes, rabbits, mongooses, tortoises, also live without fear. Birds like Peacocks, Herons, Vultures, Chickarees, Owls, and Woodpeckers are found here in large numbers. Chameleons, Crocodiles, Cobras, Pythons, Snakes and other types of reptiles are also found in large numbers.

It is also very surprising to see lot of sea animals like: Conch, Mollusks found in large numbers in the dense and humid Monsoon weather outside the outer walls of Lord Neminath’s temple.


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