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Raivatachal (Girnar mountain) was like a jewel of Saurashtra region. To its southern side was a city that was was…

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There was a pleasant and peaceful villagecalled Sugram on the glorious land of Bharat Kshetra…

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It is next to impossible to lay out the greatness and glory of Shatrunjay Tirth (Palitana). Likewise, it is difficult to do the same for Girnar Tirth, which is considered to be the 5th peak of Shatrunjay Tirth. Our sages of the past too have sung glory of Girnar in various scriptures. Below is a glimpse of the greatness of Girnar Tirth based on these scriptures.

  • Girnar is the place where 10 Tirthankaras from the previous time cycle (Chovishi) attained emancipation (Moksha Kalyanak).

  • Girnar is the place where the 22nd Tirthankar of the current time cycle i.e. Lord Neminath accepted monkhood (Diksha Kalyanak), attained absolute knowledge (Kevalgyan Kalyanak) and got emancipation (Moksha Kalyanak).
  • Girnar is the place where all the 24 Tirthankaras of the next time cycle will attain emancipation (Moksha Kalyanak).
  • Girnar is the place which has the oldest idol of Lord Neminath in the existing world.
  • Girnar is the place where innumerable souls in the past attained renunciation, omniscience and emancipation and will continue to do so in the future too.
  • It is due to the influence of Girnar that Krishna Maharaja acquired Tirthankar Naam Karma (a type of Karma that results in a soul becoming Tirthankar).
  • Just like the mountain shrine of Shatrunjay, Girnar is eternal and is also the fifth golden peak of Shatrunjay mountains.
  • Girnar is the place, whose form is worshipped by the celestial beings residing in heaven, the demons residing in hell and kings residing in the mortal world of humans.
  • Girnar is the place, mere touch of which ensures that poverty does not befall upon one not only in this life but in future lives as well.
  • Even the fauna residing in the great mountain shrine of Girnar attain salvation within 8 lives.
  • Under the right tutelage of a Guru, the soil of this Tirth turns into Gold upon being mixed with oil and ghee and fired in a kiln.
  • Any and all living beings, whether on water, land or air, that live on any peak of the pious mountains of Girnar attain liberation within three lives.
  • Girnar is the place where, upon spending wealth earned by right means, one gets bestowed with all forms of riches life after life.
  • People, who meditate upon Girnar regularly even while staying far away, get liberated within four lives.
  • By merely worshipping the Lord with the water of Gajpad Kund located on Girnar, one would get the same result that he would otherwise get from all other pilgrimages.
  • Consuming water from Gajapad kund cures one of all kinds of external (bodily) and internal (soul-centric) ailments.
  • The presiding goddess of Girnar, Shri Ambika Devi, who in the past helped many noble souls even today makes her presence felt at Girnar.
  • It is said that on every Amaas (the last day of the descending/waning lunar cycle), Ambika Devi circum-ambulates all the seven peaks of Girnar.
  • Girnar is the place where 14 magnificent temples are located on its peaks.
  • Girnar is the place where the final ceremonial rites of the highly revered and intensely austere Acharya Himanshusuri Maharaj Saheb were performed. He was highly regarded for the penances he undertook (the most significant of them being Ayambil) and was also the driving force behind the renovation work undertaken at Sahasavan, the place of Lord Neminath’s Diksha (renunciation) and Kevalgyan (omniscience) Kalyanakas.
  • By serving the great shrine of Girnar, even sinful people wash away their sins and get liberated.
  • Several learned men with heavenly powers, celestial beings, celestial nymphs and demigods reside in Girnar to fulfill their cherished desires.
  • By serving the great shrine of Girnar, cruel, tyrant and cunning people and people suffering from grave diseases such as leprosy too acquire happiness of all kinds.
  • Located on Girnar, there are many divine craters with special juices that are capable of converting matter into gold and fulfilling all desires of the seekers.
  • In the caves of Girnar are instated 72 idols of the 24 Tirthankaras, each from previous, current and next time cycles.


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