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Mystics and Saints

The glory of Girnar has been sung in every religious order in various ways. It has been a place of faith for all religions including Hindus, Muslims, Jains and others. Enroute the Parikamma (circumambulation) of the Girnar hills are visible a number of breathtaking views of that of streams, trees, and there are also other places that are replete with serenity and calmness. The surrounding areas that comprise of nothing but forests radiate purity in the air. Quite a few mystical and miraculous stories too have been attributed to the Hindu saints of this region.

In the Jain religious order too, this place occupies a place of foremost faith. A number of Muni Bhagwants (monks) who possess Charan Labdhi (a type of power using which one can walk and travel in the air) are said to dwell this region in order to pursue special kinds of spiritual practices. The pure and pristine vibrations of the infinite Kalyanaks that have taken place here can be experienced even today. And the pure vibrations that pervade this place facilitate even the simplest of the living beings to easily develop and bolster the virtue of sacrifice. They facilitate the intensification and the upliftment of their Sadhana (spiritual practices). They facilitate the attainment of the path leading to self-realization with hardly any effort. Riding on the spiritual force this Tirth provides, a countless number of Yogis in the past have attained realization, are doing so in the present and will continue to do so in the future too.

The accounts of Yogis attaining realization and miraculous powers is a matter of faith and not that of the mind, the intellect. The seeker, who practices Sadhana and prays and worships this Tirth and the Supreme Being with utmost faith and devotion, most definitely can experience this – there is absolutely no doubt about it. We are fortunate to have been graced with the presence of this Tirth of the highest order. It is our heart-felt wish that we forever continue to worship this Tirth with utmost faith and dedication for the realization of the self.


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