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After going a few steps further south of the Malla temple, there is way beneath a huge rock where one can bend down and pass through the hollow space similar to that of a burrow. There, idols of Rajul and Rahnemi (brother of Lord Neminath) which are approximately 1.5 to 2 feet tall have been installed and because of this, this place is known as “The Cave of Rajul”.


After coming out of the cave of Rajul and treading further ahead along the path that goes south, on the left side comes a narrow alley that leads to the Kund (reservoir) of Saatpuda and on the right after climbing down the treacherous path that passes through dense bushes and trees, a huge rock is visible at the end of the road. Underneath this rock lies the cave of Premchand. Since this cave is on a cliff next to a ditch, one has to tread carefully to enter the cave. Many great souls have meditated in this cave, one of whom was a saint called Shri Premchand Maharaj. He was an expert in the science of Yoga and had meditated here for a very long period of time. He had come here in search of his peer Kapurchandji, also a disciple of his teacher. It is said that Kapurchandji was able to take many forms (i.e. change the human form) and was able to fly/walk in the sky. This cave belongs to the Devchand Lakshmichand trust and they have been carrying out restoration of this cave as needed. (Right behind the office of the Devchand Lakshmichand trust located in the foothills of the Girnar mountains, there is a small temple with the foot prints of Premchand Maharaj. There is an inscription there dated Vikram Samvat year 1921 and besides it, there is another set of foot prints belonging to Dayalchandji Maharaj which also has an inscription bearing the Vikram Samvat year 1922. Currently both sets of foot prints have been dislodged and placed at another location.) Taking the narrow road outside this cave and heading eastwards would take one to Bilkha, via Patvad.

One can access the main steps of the mountain, coming out of the Premchand cave. At an ascent of about 90 steps, is the temple of the four faced idol. Along the way on the right is a temple belonging to the Digambar sect.


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